Thursday, March 26, 2009

Striving for More Wierdness

Random Facts About this kid:

1. I am afraid of clowns. In fact I had a nightmare about being chased by some the other nite.

2. The only card game I actually know how to play is GO FISH!

3. I never drink milk.

4. Which is probably why I break bones a lot

5. Nearly all the dogs we had as a children were named Pat

6. I have constantly itchy ears

7. I used to think all grown men had beards.

8. I have trouble swallowing bread.

9. Constantly cold feet

10. I have never found a breakfast cereal that I enjoy.

11. I don't really like shopping.

12. I am a pack-rat. I come by it honestly...through my genetics.

13. I could spend hours reading cards in the card store.

14. In my past life I'm certain I was a princess.

15. People watching is SO much fun. I like to make up life stories for people.

16. I am amazed that I can keep house plants alive!

17. I would like to find one team sport that I am good at. It makes me sad that I'm such a klutz, cuz I rather like playing sports.

18. I actually like that my nose is crooked.

19. I always read the back of the book. I can never just wait to find out what happens.

20. I have a 'Bucket List'

21. I think it's better to be wierd than ordinary. I strive for more wierdness

22. Since becoming a vegetarian, I miss bacon the most.

23. I google EVERYTHING I can think of because I over analyze and research everything.

24. I like the taste of pepto bismol

25. I am the worst gift wrapper ever. I am thankful for whomever made gift bags!

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