Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Ninja Turkey Warrior??

"When I grow up, I wanna be famous, wanna be a star...wanna have boobies" Pussycat Dolls song..which is way over played on the radio...and which apparently is 'groupies'...not boobies, but I'll stick to boobies because I prefer it.

When I grow up....I have no idear, what I want to be! I quit my job recently, thinking I would have an ephiphany of in the movies where the heroine finally realizes that she was always destined to design shoes or something like that. Or maybe I will have a dream, and turn it into a book series about vampires like that now famous author. But nope....the only dreams I'm having are about Queen Latifa chasing me with snakes, or fighting ninja turkeys. Perhaps, this indicates I should be a ninja. I have always thought I would make a superior ninja, but I'm a klutz and therefore would most likely injure myself on a regular basis.

I given some thought to afternoon drinking to assist in creative thinking, but that would lead a path straight to A.A. I have made lists and read self-help books. I have tried meditating...which is much harder than it appears. Exercise as well. I've even channeled my inner Martha. Although I now can make a mean,not burned to a crisp, chocolate chip cookie I doubt I will open a bakery.

When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse. I have since gagged everytime I changed my daughter's poopy diaper, and blood brings the floor and I closer together. Not exactly the desired qualities for a nurse.

As a long-time single mom, I took whatever job came a long to put food on the table, and a roof over our heads. I went to college...twice, in order to improve my chances of obtaining a good paying job! But now, as a married woman, my husband I decided that it was a chance for me to really do something that matched my passions and take the time to find that. But what are they? When will I know? There are many things I am good at...but what am I great at?

Life isn't a fairytale, a movie, or a song and my epiphany is not jumping out to ninja me in the face. So, in the meantime I will try this blogging thing on for size!!