Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm rather unsure if that's the spelling, but i'm absolutely sure that no matter how ya spell it....this word ROCKS!! I love it, try to use it whenever possible, and giggle out loud when others do!

Life is full of schinanigans...well it is when you're me. Always been that way...finally come to the realization that it always will be. I will be the ol' lady causing trouble in the home. I've already decidided that one of the weekly activities should so be a weekly wheelchair race.

Anyway....latest schinanigans in the Girled Cheese world. Let's see...

- decided maybe would like to be a yoga instructor.

- our dog get's jealous when myself and DH 'wrestle' and has taken to eating the garbage to show his displeasure. Looked this up on the internet...but let's just say the search results were..strange.

-went to the big city to visit some friends from college.Partied like was still in college. Felt the table was a preferable place to show off my dance moves, which consisted of hitting the floor hard, and nearly getting tossed out the door by a burly bouncer man. Took 2 days to recover, and have lots of now green bruises to remind myself of why shooters are bad.

-Grew a big zit on my chin. It actually hurts. Won myself a free facial today. I don't want the lady to see my zit. Why is that?? It's like shaving when you go to the doctor. But I got some new cleanser at LUSH in the city. Hoping this will cure my chinacne. Got some solid sha-mpoo and conditioner too. Little bit wierd to use, but so far, so good.

-worked out way too hard after had brillant yoga instructor idea. 2 1/2 hours too hard and pulled muscles in both my calves. Couldn't walk for 2 days. Stairs were brutal, and DD thought I needed a walker. She's hilarious hey!!

Oh dear....my facial is in a few minutes. I'm crossing my fingers she just doesn't say anything about the zit. Although I'll prolly get nervous and bring it up myself...sigh. See what schinanigans I can get into this week!! ;)

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