Thursday, March 26, 2009

The wind beneath my wings

Inspiration. Can it be sought do you think, or is it something that finds its way to you? People, pictures, moments in time, valiant words of wisdom, a movie. Different strokes for different folks. And what inspires you today, may not have yesterday, and may mean something completely different tomorrow.
I have mostly been inspired by people. Their actions and their words. There are certain people who will always inspire me. They are my heros, who don't wear capes or tights...although that visual is truly laughable!
These are people who stood up for what they believed, and did not back down despite how others made them feel about their choices. People who forged ahead, and showed dignity and strength despite the circumstances placed on them. Who looked tragedy in the face and kept going, and keep smiling. People who put passion into everything they do. People who think that one person can change the world, and HAVE ...mine.
When I think about my everyday heros, it changes my outlook in an instant. From doom and gloom to sunshine and butterflies. If they can do it...damn can I!
Who or what inspires you?

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