Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magic Spells

I'm not talking about potions or elixers. Although I have invented a few of those in my day. Tasted dreadful. Did not work.

I'm talking about those things that happen, that have no explanation. Or a feeling you get.

I believe in magic.

When I was pregnant with Smurfette. I knew before i KNEW. I just knew. That is all.

Was dating this guy. There was a girl. A total stranger. Just one of those people you happen to see everywhere you go. My first thought was that maybe we were to be friends. She looked alot like me. One day I saw my guy, talking to this Mini-Me, and then I knew...THEY should not be friends. And when I found them in bed together months later, I was not surprised. For the next 5 years they lived and had a child together. It did not work...and now...we are good friend. Probably could have wrote that book.

One day in the middle of a snowy December. It was time. I had to go to him. HE was waiting for me. Everyone asked me why I was moving. I am sure they thought I had gone completely cheeseball, when I answered that I was going to meet my future husband. I met Handy Smurf a week after I got here.

And, my sister and I heard fairies. There IS NO other explanation. We know what we heard, and that's just the way it is.

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