Saturday, May 23, 2009

Serenity Now

There's alot of very uncool stuff going on in our world nowadays hey? Turn on the evening news and grab some tissues, cus this some depressing shiznit. Let's see...gots ourselves a war going on, the recession tightens our hold on the ol' wallet, Swine bad...H1N1, never mind the usual baby snatching, and murderous rampages, hurricanes, fires and what not.

I prefer to remain happily optimistic with all the chaos surrounding us.A bit of denial also helps. Things will get better, just keep on a going I say to myself. Or that was until I heard my radio guy mention a world wide coffee shortage!! Google's true. Coffee bean shortage in Columbia sums it up quickly for ya. How's that for a Monday Morning wake up call!! Now that's just taking things too far! That's gonna get seriously UGLY!! Can't you just see all those Timmies freaks going bonkers? Heads will roll I tell ya! I mean seriously.....that was the last straw with me...I can do without many, many things...but coffee is not one of those things!!

I'm gonna stock pile now because I don't think make that those people who have to live with me will make it through this crisis. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!