Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canadian Kids Classics

Kids TV was so much better back in the day. Definetly wierd...but seriously better. Here is a look at the shows I remember as a kid...

Some Manitoba Talent. Fred Penner's Place was a staple for most Canadian kids. He is a rockin' fellar. Here, he seems a bit baked...but whatever. I dig Fred.

We also had Mr. Dress-Up. What a hoot! He was so talented...drawing, singing, making crafts, and of course dressing up in sweet threads provided by tickle trunk!! Casey and Finnigan were his lil' sidekick puppets. Love ya Mr.D-U!

"Look Waaaayyyyy Up and I'll call Rusty!" The Friendly Giant. Miniature things, a talking giraffe and chicken. What's not to love?

Who didn't want this strange lady saying your name?? She never did say "Pryncezz Sara is having a superwoman day I see!" Why?? I really wanted her too. Tell me do why didn't you?

Grover, is my favorite. His waiter persona is my so hilarious...of course!

Have a spiderman day!!
Stay cool kids!!

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