Thursday, April 8, 2010

Change is inevitable, except in vending machines

I've had to see different specialist lately. And I have left their offices grateful but, is it one decides to be a 'butt' doctor, (to the mature in the crowd...a GI doc) or a 'twat' doctor (ob-gyn). What??? Twat is better than other words!?! Which led me to thinking some more. I work at a telephone all day. I don't like to talk on the phone much when i get home. My love, he works with computers...he doesn't use the computer hardly at all after 5. So does the va jay jay doc go home, and say to the wife, "I've been looking at those all day...i just can't tonight huney?" That would suck to be that wifey! Also those sample collectors....worst job ever. Think you've had a ruff day...imagine the lab tech who spills on his/her shoes that day!! YUCK!! YUCK!!Kudos to all of you who can do these jobs. I would tip you if i could!
So ya...been up to some major hard thinking there. Also fun has been:
EASTER!!! The bunny showed up:And I made Mini Me an awesome breakie in bed:My love and I painted together, and I have some new decor for walls I'm selling:
I colored my hair brown for a change:

Spring has sprung and I'm spoiled:

and in love!!!And that's all for today. Over n' out for now!

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