Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm??

Somethings that are just inconceivable to me...

1. Nose picking drivers - Next time you're en route take a look at those around you. Alot of people diggin' up there schnozes. It's like they think they are invisible. They are not.

2. Where my socks go - I wash them, I dry them. They disappear. Where are they now?

3. Why children don't eat crusts - Is there some sort of conspiracy going around? Who tells them crusts are yucky?

4. Algebra - Numbers AND letters. Why?? Letters belong in English. Numbers in math. I stop right there

5. Why people insist on waiting in drive thru, rather than go into the building - Unless you're in your slippers than GO IN.

6. Lifting up the hood - Whenever my car is having issues, I get out. Prop up the hood. And then realize that there is no "Fix Me Here' button. I have no idea what I'm looking for. I just know that I am supposed to check there, so I do. But what I expect to find....dunno???

7. The illiteracy billboard - This is gonna sound mean...but if they can't are they gonna read the billboard and call the number listed??

8. Muffin Tops - Why do you think this is attractive? It's NOT sexy to have your spare tire hanging out for all to see. Tuck it in. Cover it up. PLEASE!!!!!!!

9. The phrase, "I have something important to tell you...but i'll have to tell you later!" - Why must you waste words? Peak my interest and leave me hanging? Why not just tell me later then? If it's so important, then it shouldn't wait!

10. Sayings - "Cute as a button" Since when is a button cute? "I could eat you up" RUN!!!! "You're the cat's pajama's" Cats wear pj's? And if so, then how am i like that? Is it a good thing or bad? "I'll clean you're clock" is getting rather dusty! "You can't have your cake and eat it too" Why not? Why have cake and not eat it? "It's raining cats and dogs " Whoa...this i gotta see....

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