Monday, April 12, 2010

I was made for loving you....Ode to a Weekend

This weekend was all about being awesome!! Tubular!! Stellar!! Neat0oOh!!! I loved it! Here's what went down:
I got a bottle of red after work at 9 on friday! I got home to a spink and span, clean as a whistle, home, the smooth jazz still on (I'm having fun at 'showing' my home or sale!) ran myself a bath, and hoped on in! Oh.....I raided some easter basket for leftover chocolate! Ah...Fridaying. My Love came over later, and spoiled me again with these pretty white mini roses~~

Satur-'funbag' day brought a crazy mix of creativity. Got up at 7 a.m.(There's the crazy...crazy old, whytf can't I sleep in anymore?!) Gotta gram alot of Satur-funbag day in while the goings good I guess! After some leisurely lazying aboot, we went out for breakfast to this cute lil corner gig, The Komfort Kafe. Super-happy morning staff there, served us up some of the best hashbrowns ever to tangle with my tastebuds! Caught up on the morning news...and made my first 'Random Kindness' drop

Check them out, from I made stickers outta them (ahhhhh..I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE 2-sided tape...ALOT!)

Then we proceeded over to the library where I got a stack of their largest books. Decorating books, and such only come in XL apparently! And off to commence Garage Sale Season 2010!! 3 Cheers and a fist pump in the air for garage sale season!
I got me some treasures: A red computer chair, new buttons for my purse...Donnie Walberg!!! Ronald McDonald, Energy Efficient Inspector and one that say, "Life is a mutual affair," All for FREE!!

And this stuff too!

The book is called Indias Love Songs, By: Laurence Hope. We located it at this nifty old used bookstore. So many wonderful treasure is other peoples junk!

We made Thai Sweet and Sour tofu for dinner:

So delish!

Then we created some art:

We crashed out nice and early, in a 'we were busy having fun' bliss. Sunday was full of coffee, dog walking, picture taking, taking it easy Sundayish fun.

Xoxoxo Weekend...I heart you, longtime!
P.S. A great huge junk of my day off Monday was used to bring you this Blog, and cussing alot about the cussing pictures not cussing going up properly. Cuss that is annoying. (Movie quote 'cussing'...from The Fantastic Mr. Fox pretty decent movie: FYI) Today was also brought to you by my grat-itude project. Check it out at

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