Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Hail Summer 2010!!

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

10 For 10
Last summer was I got some BIG plans for this one!

1. Eat Mr. Freezies like when I was a kid. So that's LOTS. Lots more than Mom said I could have. I will not hide the empty wrappers behind the freezer. I will have to clean them up now that I am the so called 'grown-up." I will give myself sores on the sides of my mouth I will eat SO many!! YUMMERS! (Result: Made me rather ill. Mouth sores hurt...but SO YUM! Red still my fav!)

2. Camping. All kinds of camping. I will camp this a way and that a way. I will camp up and I will camp down! I will camp in the rain, and I will camp in the sun. I will camp all over this place. And I will LOVE it!

3. Skinny Dip. What the what!!! I just can't fathom why I have yet to do this. Me n' my birthday suit coming to a lake near you....if you see the moon...don't tell!!

4.Grown-Up Games Day.(Kids can come too!) I want to get all my friends. I want to play old skewl games like Frozen Tag, What Time is it Mr. Wolf?, British Bulldog, Red Rover, Kick the Can/Capture the Flag. We will blow bubbles and have water gun fights, balloons and buckets. A slip n' slide too! We even will create our own 'team' shirts!! Maybe they can be tie-dye...oooh..YES!! I want to do this all day!! . I want to do this all night too! And drink some tequila watermelon, yuknfux, and margaritas too!! Kool-Aid for kids! I want to SO bad! (Result of tequila watermelon. Puckered lips and a sour face. Not drunk enough first I quess!)

5. Plan and Begin 2 Girls Get-Aways. 1 is a Sisters Camping Trip. Me n' My seeestahs... We will sleep in tents and giggle and become one with nature. I will not injure myself. I hope someone knows how to start a fire without gasoline?? Another shall be Girlfriends Getaway. I would like all my ol' maids to rent a cabin. And take that cabin by storm. We will drink wine, and pig out and reminisce!!! It will be a BLAST and we will make it an Annual Gig fo' life!!!

6. Theme Party Time!! I am planning one for my birthday! I heart theme parties.Long time

7. Catch Fireflies in a jar! Maybe frogs too.

8. Play tag in the rain. And make a mud pie after!

9. Get LOST! Yup...i want to get in the car, turn this way, that way and just go. Just end up where we end up. Explore. Find a new place

10. Make Homemade Ice Cream. That tastes good.

Build a sandcastle, fly a kite, have a lemonade stand. Watch the stars, go hiking, read a trashy beach novel, (LC's book anyone?)Try golfing again with less anger this time. Plan a scavenger/treasure hunt! See Eclipse, Prince of Persia and Robin Hood. Play ball, drink beer and eat spitz. Oh...Summer......Zee many adventures of Summer!! I am gonna love it HARD!

Whatchu gonna do???

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