Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is this real life?

I am gonna do this. I am gonna just start screaming like a banshee in the drive thru line one of these days. I mean I feel like poor David after the this real life? if you haven't seen dig er' up on ol' youtube!

Why on earth did I ever want to grow up! So over rated! What a farce this turned out to be. Everyday that postman delivers MORE bills. When will he stop with that? I give him my best scowl face. No affect on Mr. Insensitive. Oh I know it's just his job. It's the damn companies that just can't stop with the oversending! All the time!! Don't they know it just goes under the couch? What a waste of trees that is? This is NOT my favorite.

Than....My horn dog jizzes on another pillow. Or my bed. Or any friend that may come over. Small childern too. I'm talking about my actual factual dog here. Roll over in that one evening after a long day and see how THAT greets you. "Bleep, $#(@*, $*#*#, bleep, bleep, stupid masturbating dog!!!"

The "alien that's taken over my child" writes a list of 21 things I do wrong, (including that i only feed her seasonings and snacks aktma: (also known to Mom as) healthy food!) and signs it "Dude, and you thought I was rude!" And leaves it by the box of Kraft Dinner she insists I make her at midnite cus she wants tasty food. No banana's or pb and jelly for my princess! Oh, the
teen hormonal years. Being an adult may have it's flaws, but i surely don't miss that!! ~Plucks grey hair out~

Did I mention, my ex (alien teens dad) and his girlfriend are moving into my basement apartment for awhile.
And let's not forget the lil itsy bits inbetween! The dog now has green hair, from a blop of paint from project CN tower ($50 bucks at Micheals for styrofoam cones and balls?...she best be getting an A Mrs. Social Studies!) My new love....yes I'm in hearts and fuzzies place, ah happy love. I'll describe that in a later entry. The Case of the Nearly Broken Shoulder (The Klutz strikes again) sprained ankle, etc,etc,etc....ra.ra.ra. Curiouser and Curiouser?

Soap Operaville. Is my life a dramedy? A rom-com? A joke? I do find all this to be hilarious! And more than likely, it just " Is What it Is!"

"I feel funny! Why is this happening to me?," David says after the dentist.
I do believe the girled cheese has gotten a little bit funky!

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