Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The most important things in life aren't things... want to hug the world. Just give it a big old squeeze....hug the stuffing right out of it, and everyone. Hugs make you feel safe, secure, and loved. And it's so simple to do. But I can't hug everyone's problems away, or make the ouchies of the world stop. But if you're reading this, then i urge you to put your right hand on your left shoulder, your left hand on your right shoulder. Good. Now squeeze!
And now, as an exercise in taking the focus off all the devastation and destruction take a look on the little things in your life that make you happy right now.

Here's what i came up with:

Music. All kinds of it. And the dancing to it. The close your eyes and just move dancing to it. And singing really loud in your car so the people at the red light look at you funny.
Dogs. always so happy to see me. They just live such a good life. Sleep, play, walk, eat, and start all over again!
Towels fresh from the warm. Just like a hug if no one else is around to give you one.
Character band aids. Cuz nothing says boo boo be gone as well as a big bright pink Hello Kitty band-aid.
Slippers. Warm, fuzzy, stinky, comfy, cozy. Home.
Cheezies or Hickory Sticks. It'll take you right back to being a kid.
Any candy from your childhood for that matter. I prefer jawbreakers, lick a stick and Nerds.
Touch Lamps. Retro and so much fun to sit there and mess with.
11:11. There's something infinetly cool about it. And it's a chance to make a wish. But make it a good one.
Jumping on the bed. Childlike fun. and Free!!!
Soup. Any kind of soup you like. It's warm, tasty and just plain wonderful
Hitting every green light on the way home from work
Your favorite song on the radio on the way too!
Dip. Dipping things is fun. It's also a strange, tiny, fun lil word.
Hottubs and fireplaces,lipgloss, babies hands and feet, freshly cut grass, gingerbread houses, chocolate chip cookies, bounce dryer sheets, laughing kids, an old friend, movie theatre popcorn, sex, Tele-Toon Retro,garden gnomes, playing footsies, q-tips, nicknames, cloud watching, twirling until you get dizzy, swing sets, your kids when they are sleeping, garden gnomes, Shiraz, TV infomercials, Youtube in all it's glory, foot rubs, polar fleece, mini mitts, vitamin C, ice cream, the color purple, colored pens, tattoos, "that's what she said" moments, reality shows, painted toe nails, vanilla, favorite jeans that make your bum look 'hawt', OJ (the juice not the douche bag) new sheets, Fridays and Sundays, coffee and of course having the freedom to write whatever the hell i want in this blog!!

Now it's your turn.....

Oh ya...and xoxoxooxoxox!

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