Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi ya' stranger!

"They" say that time flys. "They" are correct.

I walked into my house tonight and there was a stranger standing in my kitchen. I was shocked, and a bit scared at first.

I didn't have my glasses on, so I had to look a bit harder.

This feeling, that there's a stranger in my home happens alot lately. Because yesterday that stranger was my lil baby girl....and somehow over night she became not only the same size as me, but someone I cannot comprehend.

When babies cry they are hungry, need a diaper change, or need your attention. I know how to relate to that. I can go to the park for hours, watch Treehouse, and pretend. I can cut sandwiches into little cubes , and chase away the monsters under the bed. Then one day... it's not ' 'Mommy' anymore. It's 'Mom'....said in a voice that sounds like a nagging wife. They look like your baby....but all of a sudden...they aren't your baby anymore. When did an alien possess my child?

I want to relate to this 'stranger' for I think i know her. She looks alot like my baby.. like the child I once knew. I vaguely remember treating my parents in such a manner. I knew EVERYTHING...and they knew NOTHING! They were so extremely uncool...out to get me, and ruin all my fun. They were so not just regular people. They were the enemy.

I have become this...seemingly overnight. The little being whom I once craddled in my arms for hours...talks on the phone for hours, wears short skirts to school, looks back on our way to family night and asks "why are you following me?" and hides her face when I honk as she walks to school because she wouldn't be caught dead being dropped off by "Mom" This person who likes anime, cats, Pokemon, and all kinds of things unknown to me. I do not speak 'teen' apparantely.

It catches me off guard and takes my breath away everyday. I miss my baby, my toddler, my little girl.

I me that someday my 'little girl' will see me as a person. Realize that I did know what I was talking about. Until that day, I will have to find away to be content with my 'backseat', to be the 'uncool' Mom, to watch and guide slyly from the sidelines as my baby becomes the woman she will be someday.

As time ticks on, I have no choice but to face the 'unknown', and try to embrace this stranger that walks amongst me.

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