Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girl to the Cheese

I am much like a grilled cheese sandwich.

The first food I could make for myself.

I would cook strictly on Max. I was given this nickname for a time, due to this fact. I would burn my grilled cheese regularly. Over time, I learned the lesson that cooking on max wasn't the way to go. As with life...going, going going, full speed ahead without stopping, or going slow. I have learned the joy in slowing down. Taking the time to perfect and make life what I want it to be.

I would make grilled cheese for others. Most often I would burn one side. Flip it,and present the 'good' side. Hide the dark, distasteful underneath. Surprise!! Much the same as I used to represent myself....try to be something I am not. Hide the 'real' me. I know now, the best me, is all of me. The good,the bad, the burnt. Accept it or not. Just the way it is.

The warm,gooey inside. I used to try to be tough. Pretend I did not feel as much as i do. But, like the smooth, delicious flavor....that's one of the best parts. The part that makes me, me. What's inside holds the outer layers together.

A comfort food. I hope I am a comforting friend, family member,wife, and mom. Someone to rely on, when your world is a little cold. Always there. The right ingredients never far from home. A stable, when you have nothing else.

Dressed up and fancy. Or just plain.

Anytime of day.

A little bit sweet. A little bit salty.

Girled Cheese!!

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