Monday, March 14, 2011

Smooth, Soft, and Supple: Sara Style

For years I have had dry, dry skin.
 And dry skin causes you too look older, sooner....and this my friends, would not do. I was also prone to breakouts in my T-zone area, which is gross. I have tried a ton of products, ranging from expensive to mayonaise...nothing seemed to work at all. I was tired of spending my hard earned dollars, and all the waste I was putting into our environment with tubes, and jars of stuff that didn't work and had to quit using. I went in search of the most natural way possible for me.  After much trial and error, and research on the topic, I have FINALLY found what works for me, and wanted to share.

It was wierd at first, as washing with a bar soap has always been reported as the worst of sins...but my new secret weapon is just that...

DOVE BEAUTY BAR (sensitive skin-fragrance free)

Costs like 2 bucks...and works wonders!! Even removing eye make-up like a charm. Love, love!!

Next I slather on Derma e Vitamin E cream...I swoon over this rich, silky cream! So in love with it...and at your local Walmart for just $9.99!

To my wonder cream I have added a lil known ingredient...Seabuckthorn Oil. PURE MAGIC!!

Link to read more  about this amazing, wonderful healing product. Our local healthfood store had only the pure Fruit Oil, which tends to stain, and isn't as recommeneded for topical us as the seed oil, so I added about 12 drops to my Vitamin E cream, and it blows me away!! It is the most expensive item in my regime at about $24.00, on sale...but it seriously will last me about a year or more, and was worth every penny!! And I plan on planting some in my garden this spring, as it can stand harsh climates such as ours!! How awesome!

For morning cleanses that won't strip my face of it's essential oils, and get rid of grim from sleep, I have been using, and loving on Thayers Rosewater and Witch hazel Toner

Alcohol Free, Natural and smells so sweet!! It was around $15.00 at local health store, but again...will last quite awhile, so worth it. And because of my dry skin, I am only using it for am, but if your skin is a bit on the oily side, then you may use more often, say after the Dove Beauty bar.

1-2 times a week I do exfoliate with with either the St.Ives Apricot or Microdermabrasion scrubs. This helps get rid of the dead skin cells hanging around, and brightens up your skin. Both are available at your local Supermarket, for around $4-$6 I believe.

So there you have it....give it a try if you find that you have dry skin too.

Hope it works for you as well as it has for me!



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