Saturday, March 12, 2011

Out of Hibernation

I have been MIA...intentionally. I just needed a break from blogging....and in Manitoba...January/February is time to hibernate, which I take full advantage of. Been busy working some strange hours, making our new house a home, going to the dentist ( i got a filling for the first time...YIKES!!) as well as other med appts (winter and a fresh new year seem the best time for me to take care of those types of things) and just plain surviving the winter.

Got a record player from my pal Jennybean, and have been listening to some great tunes,

Made some YUMMY borscht for the first time ever
We followed this recipe a bit...Borscht Recipe but tweaked it to our own tastes...
Growing up near a lot of people with Ukranine ancestory refined my borscht tastes..

Back in January, I was invited to a potluck where a bunch of great musicians jammed

I went out with friends

Recovered my chairs
And hung out with my sweet lil goddaughter

And coloring my hair red on a whim....

 Also did some painting, Scherenschnitte(which is so fun to say AND do) photography, saw HEART in concert (bucket list item checked off!!) and other stuff n' things.
I have officially quit drinking coffee....for a week now...due to my stomach, and it sucks about as much as I thought it would. But alas, it is necessary. I am drinking this stuff called Krakus...a coffee subsitute and tea as replacements...albeit it's just not the same. I have also been taking half a Caltrate with meals and probiotics as well, and so far so good!!! EEExcited to feel better!

As for the upcoming spring months which I am looking forward to not only the weather smartening up, but also....

  • Riding my bike like a woman obssessed
  • Emailing David Suzuki to help me with my environmental idea
  • Puddle jumping in my splash boots
  • Putting together a team for the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life
  • Having my Wellness Proposal ok'd at work, and working on that
  • Having my own communal garden and becoming a green thumb
  • Getting my website up and running
  • Planning a SISTERS ONLY weekend for my sisters and I, in April
And now that I am back here, I will document and blog about these many adventures of course!!

What have you been busy at?

What are your plans for spring??

I would love to hear from you and gather great ideas!!! Comment away please!!



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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in blogland! I think you're just the bee's knees!!