Thursday, August 12, 2010

Most Un-wonderful time of the year.

Competely Disagree!!! Totally bogus! Most wonderful time of the year my ass!
Here are a list of my reasons:

1. School supplies cost a pretty penny. Like seriously...a lot! One new eraser isn't bad, but that stuff adds up lemme tell ya.

2. New runners, fall jackets....back 2 school clothing...yup...also puts Mom's and Dad's pocket book in the red. I can actually feel my bank card burning up at the thought of it.

3. One word. Lunch!!!!!!!!! Making them. Buying them. Monitoring the snack consumption so the granola bars can last the full week. Trying to come up with new locations to hide said snacks. One word. UNCOOL!

4. Homework. Another dreaded word for both the kids...and the parents. I am not a fan of arguing over fractions, home reading another book about cats, helping to color another map, or spelling lists.

5. Waking up the beasts! It's like waking up a pack of hibernating, hungry bears. Then herding them out the door and off to their favorite place (ba ha!). Oh joy!

6. Fund raisers aka: money grabbers. Chocolates, magazines, cookies...sure...we all need extra's of that stuff laying around. We also have all the time  and gall in the world to hit up our families and friends for money every other week.

7. Papers. To sign, to stack in the corner, to try to discreetly recycle whilst the kiddies aren't looking.

My face looks just like the kids in this commercial. Herumph!!! Wake me up next July 1st!

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