Saturday, November 13, 2010

Battle of Candidaland: Part 1

So.....I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy on Monday.

What a pain in the...derriere! A necessary evil, I do understand, but...GROSS!! Even for me. I say this, as I have been suffering from major stomach problems for quiet sometime now, and poop in all forms has become a regular topic of conversation with me. I am very in tune with my bowel movements because I have to be.
I didn't know about the endoscopy before hand. Probably a good thing, as that part was ROUGH!! First of all, the sedative they gave me, didn't knock me out completely, as I had to be somewhat coherent for the swallowing of this tubular camera. That was....trippy...that's really the only thing I can think of. A scene from a movie, or strange music video by Kesha. I felt like I was very drunk, or been slipped some date rape drug. The radio was on so the tunes were pumping, the nurse was holding me down because I was fighting (I couldn't breathe...i was stuffed up and once that tube got jammed down my pipe, my body went into panic mode!) and my gag reflux was kickin' in big time. I could see the monitor but all I could make out was a whirlwind of strange pics. Like what you see whizzing by you from a roller coaster, when you're upside down, dizzy and going full speed ahead.
I think I will be haunted by this forever. I was knocked out and violated. For my own good!!!!
THEN...I came too, was back to my 'normal' self, and went home.

And tried to sort out what the H.E. double hockey sticks to make of these lovely portraits they gave me!
Out of 8 somewhat normal looking pictures, one looked like what I would guess the inside of a tornado looks like. It's all white, kinda greenish/grey looking. It does not belong. There is something horridly wrong with it. I believe it is my stomach...from my Internet investigations.
I also believe it to be Candida Albicans (fancy name for overgrowth of yeast). This is a new thing for me, so I researched the S@#t (ha ha...the puns are so punny!) out of it.
Now apparently this Candida can cause some serious damage to a body. All kinds of theories aside,(pharmacutical company conspiracy theory?? hmmm....) people need to know more about this!!!! Due to circumstance, I consider myself quite knowledgeable in all areas gut related...and I had no clue. If it causes as many of the symptoms as indicated and leads to so many health problems, not to mention work/mental and other issues....than I can't fathom why I have never even heard of such a thing before. I mean I have heard of yeast infections of the vag-jay jay of course, but I had no idea if could occur anywhere else! People can die if it gets into the blood stream and cause sepsis! Although what I've been through regarding my evil guts, is a rather personal matter, and not  a joy to discuss, I HAVE to share my findings. I think more people need to be aware. It's an epidemic of disastrous proportions.

Info about Candida here

Candida Diet info

I'm always in for a challenge, so I am jumping into this diet thing with both feet. I can't see my specialist until December, who could still diagnosis something different, but my family doctor agreed with me, and suggested I give it a go as well. Being a vegetarian makes it a double dare, as the diet calls for high-protein...but I won't be headed back to the land of omnivore, so we are getting creative...which ups the fun quotient.

So far...well, the yeast is rebelling. The little arse holios are protesting their lack of sugar in a fierce way. But I am on a mission to show this evil fungi who is da boss.

Day 1

2 Hard-Boiled eggs

Spincach Salad with homemade vingrette

Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry with rice*

Almonds, Crystal Light Juice, Natural Yogurt with granola and cinnamon, Green Tea

Day 2

Yogurt and Almonds

Left-over CC Curry

Veggie Stir-Fry with Rice

Pomegrante Green Tea, Crystal Lite Raspberry Green Tea, Yogurt with Granola, Green Juice (I used, kale, 1 apple, 2 large carrots, 2 celery stalks, handful of spinach, and 1 oz. Aloe Vera Juice)


I am taking a plethora of Supplements:

Renewlife Candigone
Renewlife Candizyme
Renewlife Ultimate Flora
B Complex Liquid
Daily Multi-Vitamin
Vitamin C

I'll keep ya posted on how the battle unfolds!!

In the words of my neice..."Lead on my Fearless leader, You chariot awaits!"

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