Friday, October 1, 2010

These are not those days

Parenting a teenage girl is HARD. Parenting a teenage girl with ADHD is HARDER still.

Untreated ADHD.

She refuses to take her medication. I long for the days when I could put cherry flavored medicine into a syringe and shoot it down her throat.

These are not those days.

She refuses to see her doctor...won't get into the vehicle. I long for the days when I could pick her up and plunk her down into her carseat, safely buckled in.

These are not those days.

She cannot sleep properly. Sometimes she's awake for the entire night, only falling to sleep when it's time to go to school. Making it next to impossible to wake in the morning. And even when she does sleep, it's all I can do to get her up. I long for the days when I would read to her, then lay there snuggled up to her and rub her back until I heard her sleep breathing, in and out...

These are not those days.

She cannot get out the door on time for the life of her. She forgets everything. Her hair has to be JUST SO. It has to be THIS shirt or nothing. I long for the days when I would pick her outfit, and do her hair in pigtails while she watch Dora and ate waffles every morning.

These are not those days.

I live in fear that she will get kicked out of school for lack of attendance, or for being late everyday. Statistics of untreated ADHD flash through my mind......

*Teenagers with ADHD have 400% more traffic accidents and traffic tickets than teen without ADHD.

*Twice as many teens with this disorder will run away from home (about 32%) than teens without ADHD.

*As many as 50% of the teenagers in juvenile detention facilities have untreated ADHD.

*Teens with untreated ADHD are three times more likely to be arrested for arson (16%) as those without ADHD.

*Teenagers with untreated ADHD are ten times more likely to get pregnant, or cause a pregnancy, than those without the disorder.

*Teens untreated for ADHD are 400% more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease than those without ADHD.

*Teens untreated for ADHD will average two arrests by the age of 18.

*Approximately 20% of teenagers with untreated ADHD will be arrested for a felony.

*It is reported that almost 10% of people with ADHD have attempted suicide within the past 3 years. About 5% die from either suicide or accidental injury

*It is common for people with ADHD to turn to addictive substances such as alcohol, marijuana, heroin, prescription tranquilizers, pain medication, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, cocaine and street amphetamines in attempts to soothe their restless brains and bodies.

I fear for her life, as I watch her throw it away. I feel hopeless, but know if I loose hope then she doesn't stand a chance. She's my baby...I HAVE to have hope. I won't give up. I just don't know what to do next. I have tryed all I can think of.....

She's a GOOD kid. She's gorgeous, talented, funny, creative, an amazing friend, smart, and loving.

I long for the day when she sees what I see....

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