Friday, September 17, 2010


i am. good enough

i think. too much sometimes

i know. that I will always have enough

i want. to make a difference

i have. amazing people in my life

i dislike. ignorant people

i miss. my 'girls'

i fear. that I will not live up to my potential

i feel. more authentic than ever

i hear. silence

i smell. vanilla lip gloss

i crave. simplicity

i usually. need more sleep

i search. for a way out of the 'grind'

i wonder. when I'll be ready

i regret. nope.... not really

i love. life

i care. so much

i am always. up for an adventure

i worry. less these days, which takes work on my part

i remember. the day I became her Mom

i have. enough

i dance. cuz I love to

i sing. out loud and proud. and badly

i don't always. feel strong

i argue. when I feel I must

i write. more and more now

i lose. but not the lesson

i wish. I could do more

i listen. to my heart

i don't understand why. the good guys don't win more

i can usually be found. daydreaming

i am scared. that I won't always be able to protect her

i need. reassurances

i forget. unless I write it down

i am happy. when i am being me

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